Nuova Vita ai Mercati – New Life to Markets Rome (IT)

Posted on: 14th February 2016

In 2015 we held workshops in Rome (IT) and applied some of the ideas on site. Here is a video documentation of the work we did! Enjoy, comment below and share.

Rethinking food markets

The project space series “Rethinking food markets” is searching for solutions to revitalize food markets, which are local, social, economical and ecological.  “Rethinking Food Markets” is a project that aims at elaborating strategies to revitalize declining marketplaces. Public spaces are created in interaction of various social groups. Marketplaces have traditionally constituted some of the most important public spaces, attracting people from all ways of lives and all financial capabilities. In the past decades, however, they gradually lost their role: while urban and metropolitan agriculture are flourishing, and an increasing number of enterprises work on short chain food distribution, many markets in European cities are abandoned or underused. The project explores the possibilities to renew markets as public spaces, by connecting them to new agriculture initiatives, by inviting various actors to play a role in their renewal, and by creating viable economic models for their maintenance and vitality, by including new social and cultural functions. This video “Nuova Vita ai Mercati – New Life to Markets” shows what the people in Rome are doing to revitalise their local markets.

a cooperation of Eutropian Rome (IT); in collaboration with TSPOON; with the support of the  and the .. supported by Dutch EmbassyEuropean Cultural Foundation and BKA.

publications of the project spaces:

Daniela’s and Levente’s article on the project was published in the ECF Magazine “We Build the City”. read it online here.

read the full report on the project online here