Shortcutz Maputo – Award

Posted on: 5th January 2023
Join us for this year’s Shortcutz International Audience Award! movies in wonderland´s partnership with Shortcutz Maputo goes into its third year, and we are kicking off the year with an exciting event!

Join your local screening of the 2nd edition of Shortcutz Amsterdam International Audience Award in Maputo.

Watch the seven nominated shorts and vote for your favorite!

The event hosted by Shortcutz Maputo will take place at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Maputo.

  • Shortcutz Network ( is an international urban short film movement. It was born in Lisbon in 2010 and is now in over 20 cities around the world.
  • Shortcutz Maputo is the first Shortcutz in Africa and started its activities in February 2020.
  • Wonderland is an open architecture and urbanistics network conducting research, sharing content, promoting emerging architects and initiating relevant projects.
  • To promote intercultural and interdisciplinary connections, Shortcutz Maputo and wonderland have hosted a series of events, calls, and competitions over the past years.
  • Special sessions to promote dialogue and startle thought online and screened on location, such as at the Brazil Mozambique Cultural Centre and others.

movies in wonderland is supported by Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport.