Blickpunkte Festival Ella Raidel – Salzkammergut 2024

Posted on: 22nd May 2023

Blickpunkte Film Festival 2023

Double Happiness

Open Air film night in Hallstatt / Welterbemuseum forecourt from 20:00 PM. (In case of rain at Kulturhaus Hallstatt).
Public talk and book presenation with film-maker Ella Raidel
Double Happiness. AT/CHN 2014, 70min
D.: Ella Raidel, original with English subtitles

“Double Happiness” is a filmed journey through China, where a clone of the picturesque town of Hallstatt in Upper Austria has been built as a real estate project. A duplicated happiness develops in parallel worlds of original and copy, reality and fiction, dream and reality.

The film night will be opened by a conversation on the recent publication:
The Films of ELLA RAIDEL – Of Haunted Spaces
Cinema, Heterotopias, and China’s Hyperurbanization
Edited by Ute Meta Bauer

Authors: Itty Abraham, Ute Meta Bauer, Ella Raidel, Marlene Rutzendorfer und Yu Weiying

NTUCCA Contemporary Art Centre Singapore, 2023

NUS Press


Short film workshop “Fabulating Histories / Geschichte(n) Erzählen”

Ella Raidel (c) B. Holub
9.6.-11.6.23, Kulturhaus Hallstatt:
in cooperation with the HTBLA Hallstatt, the municipality of Hallstatt and the Kulturbunt Hallstatt cultural association.

For the short film workshop we invite everyone interested in film, the hidden histories of places, and architecture to join us in Hallstatt from 9-11.6.23 to bring their own archive recordings from the region, or from family albums, flea markets, old postcards or brochures, 8mm films or home videos, which we then take for the “Fabulating Histories / Geschichte(n) Erzählen” workshop as source material to approach the history of the region, but also individual personal stories. The workshop results will be presented as part of a later Blickpunkte screening.

Max 15 participants, open to all ages, under 15 with adult companion. Registration at [email protected]. Registration deadline: 29.05.23.


May 2022 until the end of 2024 – 2 Workshops and 6 Screenings

Project Partner: wonderland – platform for european architecture. For more than ten years, the wonderland architecture platform has been using film and video to address questions about the built environment and architecture in rural and urban areas.

Curator: Marlene Rutzendorfer

In Cooperation with CycleCinemaClub and Mies. Magazin, Gemeinde Hallstatt, HTBLA HALLSTATT, and Kulturverein Kunterbunt-Kulturbunt

Graphics Blickpunkte: doppelpaula

BLICKPUNKTE is a Culture Project of the European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut 2024.