4th Circular Change Conference in Maribor (SI)

Posted on: 19th April 2019

Cicular Change Conference


How to overcome challenges with circular businesses?

To address this question, a diverse group of speakers presents some exemplary business cases from the four priority sectors set out in the Roadmap Towards the Circular Economy in Slovenia. The conference organizers stress that success stories, radical collaboration and much more concrete action are needed.

You can sign up for the conference now. You will meet and discuss with speakers from management, to government officials, entrepreneurs to professionals, creatives, researcher and other experts. You can also follow the hashtag #circularchange2019 on all social media channels.

Current challenges for humanity make a transition from a linear to a circular economy inevitable. But it needs a large-scale system change, overcome diverging interests of societal groups and legal barriers. The 4th Circular Change Conference on May 16 -17 in Maribor, Slovenia focuses on this problem, with its theme “On the ground – everyday challenges of circular companies”. 500 participants are expected to the conference. Register now to take part.