Wonderland films: Treecycle the Story

Posted on: 3rd May 2022

Es muss doch gehen!

a short film about participation, city transformation and a wish for trees..

Wonderland – platform for european architecture presents a short film about Treecycle in Vienna (AT)

Es muss doch gehen. Treecycle the Story,   2021, 08:41 min, german (OT), R: Yilmaz Vurucu

We took a peek into the world of Treecycle an Austrian team of placemakers who try to transform our public space into becoming socially and ecologically more sustainable. We met Treecycle in their office in the Taborstraße and went with them on a tour to Zukunftshof where they have their workshop and then to Columbusplatz in Vienna Favoriten where there first urban eco-system is set up.

Es muss doch gehen. Treecycle the Story
A Yilmaz Vurucu film
Produced by Hannah Breit
Executive producer: Bahanur Nasya

Feel free to share and spread the word. We would love to see more entrepreneurs in this field. If you know of other artist or initiatitives, just let us know, so we can promote them as well.

Climate change in the city

Climate change is challenging cities to transform. Cities become more and more heat islands. One reason for this is the high percentage of sealed ground and mineral surfaces – as well as the lack of green areas that can transpire stored rainwater into the atmosphere – therefore cooling their surroundings.

Treecycle approaches these problems with shared experiences in architecture, ecology and sustainable design.
They contribute to the transformation of our cities in a tangible way.

The Treecycle set up collects rainwater, a water tower stores it in recycled industrial tanks and slowly evaporates it via a tree, creating a cooler microclimate.
In public spaces Treecycle generates areas which allow for relaxation, cooling off and reconnecting with nature.


Closed Cycles

Treecycle chooses to work with recycled industrial containers,
redefining waste as a valuable resource. They want to close the cycle and have as much impact as possible on the preservation of our environment.

Ecological and social sustainability

In the urban context trees can play a key role in reducing air pollution. But not only the ecological factors play a role in the thinking of Treecycle. Also the social impact means a lot to the team. That’s why they work with disadvantaged young adults, empowering them to take a leading role towards the transformation of a future city worth living in.