How to appropriate Viennese streets?

Posted on: 14th December 2023

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What is #Wohnstrassenleben? #Wohnstrassenleben offers you the possibility to use and activate your residential street without official permission, from art installations, sporting events, musical performances, pop-ups to mobile cafes.

What is the legal framework for using residential streets in this way? The tool operates within the legal framework of Vienna’s traffic regulations, specifically § 76b StVO 1960. This regulation prohibits vehicle traffic in residential streets, allowing only slow-paced access and exit. Pedestrians are allowed to use and play on the street as long as they do not intentionally obstruct authorized vehicle traffic : so mostly on the parking space.

Why is there a need for such a tool?  Many residential streets are underused because there is a lack of awareness of their potential. Traditionally, they are mainly used for traffic calming. However, with #residentialstreetlife much more is possible, having your sports lesson outdoors or simply eating together with your friends in front of your door.

What areas does this tool cover? This tool has been implemented in over 60 residential streets across Vienna since 2018 and has the potential to be expanded to even more locations. In Vienna alone, there are more than 220 residential streets that offer ample opportunities for activation. See more in the map created by space and place: residential street map.

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Grätzloase (green parklet)

What is a Green Parklet? A Green Parklet is a publicly accessible community space in a parking lane. It serves as a place where neighbours can meet and exchange ideas, and helps to improve the microclimate through greening and shading.

What should I consider when implementing a Parklet? To set up a Green Parklet, you must obtain permission from the relevant municipal departments, specifically MA46 and MA28. The application process typically takes between four to eight weeks from the date of submission. Applicants must have a registered address at the installation site, such as a residential address or the headquarters of an association or business.

Are there any restrictions on Parklet placement? Yes, Parklets cannot be installed on resident parking spaces (“Anrainer*innenstellplatz”). They are intended for other public spaces to ensure accessibility to a broader community.

When can I submit my Parklet proposal? Applications for parklets can be submitted on an ongoing basis. However, it is advisable to adhere to the published submission deadlines. Applications received by the deadline will be considered at subsequent meetings of the Selection Committee.

What expenses can be reimbursed for a Parklet project? Reimbursable expenses include materials, transportation, permits, and promotion. However, self-provided services, ongoing expenses, alcohol, tools, and self-catering are not eligible for reimbursement. Grätzloase may expedite payments upon jury selection, and Verein Lokale Agenda 21 Wien (Local Agenda 21 Vienna) can directly settle some bills.

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1m2 market

What is 1m2 Market? 1m2 Market is a participation tool that allows citizens to get involved in Vienna’s markets by taking advantage of the 3-day exemption that allows private individuals to run market stalls without needing a business licence.

What is the purpose? The primary goal of 1m2 Market is to open up Viennese markets, which serve as essential urban hubs for economic and socio-cultural exchange. These markets are frequented by a significant number of locals and tourists weekly.It believes that markets can become platforms for integrating arts, culture, and social exchange into the local supply chain, enriching the overall market experience.

Who can participate? It is open to anyone interested in becoming involved in Viennese markets, regardless of their background or experience.

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What is (formerly Grätzlsitz)? is a rental service for mobile chairs in public spaces. Unlike fixed city furniture with limited functionality, these chairs are designed for flexibility and versatility and available to anyone who utilizes public spaces. It offers a new way to enhance the urban experience.

How does the borrowing process work for chairs? Donwload the app in the app store – create an account and then you can rent in one of their location up to 4 chairs. The chairs are designed to promote communal use and are usually borrowed within a 200-meter radius of the lending station.

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