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Posted on: 19th September 2012

Observatory of Innovative Architectural and Urban Processes in Europe


The Underconstructions project is about collecting data on designed and realized architectural and urban processes, in order to detect tools to be used in the public discourse for improving policies. It aims to democratize architecture, favouring know-how, while helping norms, juridical and administrative framework to evolve. Underconstructions role is to make innovation visible; to share the knowledge and spread the processes that have produced it. The European bottom-up observatory is a tool encouraging daring creation.

International Workshops

Several workshops in different European cities were conducted with the aim to highlight best-practice projects and promote innovation within Europe:

Vienna / AT – IG Architektur – November 2011

Rotterdam / NL – Berlage Institute – February 2012

Potsdam / DE – Bundesstiftung Baukultur – March 2012

Vienna / AT – IG Architektur – May 2012

Paris / FR – Cité de l’Architecture – June 2012

Venice / IT – Sale Docks – August 2012

FINAL PRESENTATION: Paris / FR – Cité de l’Architecture – October 2012

Most of the observed processes have in common that they have been created in a difficult context, because they are on the edge of legal and normative framework. This reminds us that innovation often needs courage, to be daring; but it also shows that we need tools to adapt policies to reality.

The Collective Publication: Alterarchitecture



Alterarchitecture Manifesto will be presented at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice, 2012

About the book:

Alterarchitecture is the first publication of Underconstructions, European observatory of innovative architectural and urban processes. 
The title is a reflection of other ways to construct the city. Indeed, the innovative experiments constitute isolated occurrence, but seen together, their sum testifies of the existence of a veritable movement constitute isolated occurrences, but seen together, their sum testifies of the existence of a veritable movement on the European scale and beyond. 

Published by the Observatory of Innovative Architectural and Urban Processes in Europe
Edited by Thierry Paquot, Yvette Masson-Zanussi and Marco Stathopoulos, published by Eterotopia and Infolio, Switzerland, 2012.
Contributions: Theirry Paquot, Alberto Magnaghi, Lucien Knoll, Winy Maas, Patrick Bouchain, Bart Lootsma, Dus, Supertanker, Christian Reder, Wonderland, Collectif, etc …


EFAP: http://www.efap-fepa.org
Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine: https://www.citedelarchitecture.fr/fr

Have a look at the publication!

Here’s the link to the publisher’s website: https://www.infolio.ch/livre/alterarchitectures-manifesto