FairMobility’s Walk&Workshop in Ebensee, Austria

Posted on: 29th March 2024

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, wonderland, the Women’s Forum Salzkammergut, and the community of Ebensee joined forces to kickstart the FairMobility project in Austria. The first workshop aimed to address safety concerns and promote inclusive urban planning by inviting women* of all ages and backgrounds to identify hazards and set collective goals for Ebensee. Through prioritizing active mobility and community engagement, FairMobility strives to create a more accessible and equitable environment for all residents.

Accessibility for inclusive and thriving communities

The FairMobility project looks at local planning from the perspective of the 30-minute region, which means that all everyday activities should be accessible within half an hour according to this model. This includes work, schools, shopping, visits to doctors or pharmacies… but also leisure and cultural needs. Walking and cycling, i.e. active mobility, should be prioritised and promoted. Women, gender minorities, children, young people and older people have the fewest options in this regard. These groups in particular can benefit noticeably from an improvement. 

The aim of the joint work is to identify the problems of active mobility for the group(s) of people and to test possible solutions with local experiments. To this end, all people in and around Ebensee are invited to participate and discuss their needs, as well as to express their wishes and test proposals as an interest group with activities. FairMobility is therefore looking for interest groups and members for existing interest groups. 

Joint testing of local ideas with international support

The municipality of Ebensee supports the project and wants to make it easier and more accessible for everyone to participate in public life. Space is in short supply, so careful use of public space is a top priority for everyone. The municipality wants to listen to all interest groups and facilitate activities by residents and learn from the mobility tests for Ebensee. A conscious approach to the topic is also necessary as part of the activities for the “Capital of Culture Bad Ischl – Salzkammergut 2024”. The local point of contact is the Salzkammergut Women’s Forum, which welcomes suggestions from the local population. We would like to keep you up to date and invite you to future activities. 

You can find the presskit in German for our first workshop with the citizens of Ebensee here




For further information please contact us in Ebensee:


Birgit Hofstätter 
Austrian Communication Manager

+43 (0) 677 61 01 59 18

Website: www.frauenforum-salzkammergut.at


For further information please contact for the international concerns:


Yilmaz Vurucu
International Communication Manager

+43 (0) 699 11090939

Mail: [email protected]