Posted on: 16th July 2018

Habitat 2.0 – From Old Make New

A cooperation by wonderland — platform for european architecture with Az W, and the MuseumsQuartier Wien. Curated by Lene Benz, Marlene Rutzendorfer, Daniela Bernold. supported by the BKA:Austria

Open Air Architecture Film Nights in Az W’s courtyard!

  • Az W Podium, in case of rain
  • Admission free!
  • 01.08.2018
  • 08.08.2018
  • 15.08.2018
  • 29.08.2018
movies in wonderland audience
(c) Yilmaz Vurucu

In the sixth international open air architecture film festival in the courtyard of the Architekturzentrum Wien in August 2018, we present films on the topic ‘Habitat 2.0 – From Old Make New’. The Architektur.Film.Sommer 2018 is dedicated to forward-looking housing and communal living. A particular focus is laid on the treatment of what already exists as well as the revitalisation of empty, even desolate infrastructure in urban and rural contexts.

  • Do the modern and postmodern Dwelling Machines still function?
  • What happens to commercial premises that stand empty, and are there concepts for the environmental and social enhancement of business parks and industrial estates?
  • What are alternative and cooperative ways to finance revitalisation projects and potential, new, small-scale uses?

A program of documentaries and short films has been selected from a wide array of entries to our Open Call for Films. On four Wednesday nights in August, these films will entertain, inform, and foster a dialog among the audiences in Az W’s courtyard.

Program 2018:

Opening Night: New from Old from New

Wednesday, 01.08.2018, 8pm

Courtyard Az W in the MQ complex Vienna / in case of rain: Az W Podium

The opening night is dedicated to housing- and urban models of 20th century Modernism.

  • How are people living today in Vienna’s iconic Werkbundsiedlung from the 1930s?
  • And what has become of the ideals of a group of young planners to turn post WWII London into a socially egalitarian metropolis?

Filmmaker Heidrun Holzfeind will be our special guest for the opening night!

Forms in Relation to Life, The Vienna Werkbundsiedlung

AT 2014, 60:00 min, german OV / engl. subtitles,
D: Heidrun Holzfeind


HU/AT 2016, 03:11 min, no dialog,
D: Eginhartz Kanter

Utopia London

UK 2010, 82 :00 min, eOV,
D: Tom Cordell

Of Other Spaces

Wednesday, 08.08.2018, 8pm

Courtyard Az W in the MQ complex Vienna / in case of rain: Az W Podium

Our second evening focuses on the “in-between” in space and time, referring to Foucault’s essay of the same title “Other Spaces.”

  • What is it that makes spaces like a monastery, a factory, or a construction site “different”?
  • What does it mean to “fall out of time” and how ephemeral is it to be in the state of in-between?

Die ArbeiterInnen verlassen die Fabrik

AT 2012, 11:00 min, no dialog,
D: Katharina Gruzei

What We Have Made

FR 2016, 72:00 min, OV / engl. subtitles,
D: Fanny Tondre

Sneak Preview Surprise movie

15:00 min, eOV


BE/EST 2017,
29:15 min, OV / engl. subtitles,
D: Ingel Vaikla

Owning Our City

Wednesday, 15.08.2018, 8pm

Courtyard Az W in the MQ complex Vienna / in case of rain: Az W Podium

“Participation” and “cooperative planning” have become standard tools of urbanism nowadays.

  • Still, can we – as potential users – truly appropriate the city on our own terms?

Wessen Stadt?

GER 2017, 54:00 min, OV with engl. subtitles,
D: Hans Christian Post

To the Table

UKR 2017, 13:52 min, OV with engl. subtitles,
D: Anna Dobrova

Niemandsland – Über die Zukunt einer verlassenen Stadt

GER 2017, 82:00 min, german OV,
D: Philipp Kohl & Donnie Schoenemond


Adapted Lifestyles

Wednesday, 29.08.2018, 8pm

Courtyard Az W in the MQ complex Vienna / in case of rain: Az W Podium

Let´s adapt our living space! Owners of mobile single family homes, rolling across the USA in the award-winning film “Chasing Houses”, as well as the architects Lacaton & Vassal w. Druot are following this prompt in their approach towards architecture. The Parisian Tour Bois-le-Prêtre can be seen as a master class in adaptive housing, giving people the opportunity to stay in their apartments during a major upgrade of an HLM in the banlieues.

Slightly Modified Housing

FR 2013, 77:00 min, OV with engl. subtitles,
D: Guillaume Meigneux

Paper Movements 2

AT 2013, 1:41 min, no dialog,
D: Eginhartz Kanter


CHI/GER 2015, 10:08 min, no dialog,
D: Daniel Stubenvoll

Chasing Houses

GER/USA 2017, 60:00 min, engl. OV,
D: Justin Time