Ow­ning Our City

Posted on: 17th July 2018

Wednesday, 15.08.2018, 8pm

“Participation” and “cooperative planning” have become standard tools of urbanism nowadays. Still, can we – as potential users – truly appropriate the city on our own terms? This movies night is showing different approaches to the rights of citizens on the urban space. This evening is the third screening night of Architektur.Film.Sommer.2018. and will present 2 long movies and 1 short film. “Wessen Stadt?” is a german film with english subtitles. The Ukrainian short movie “To the table” will be played in original language with english subtitles. The german movie “Niemandsland” will be played in original language. All films are produced in 2017.

Wessen Stadt?

GER 2017, 54:00 min, OV with engl. subtitles,
D: Hans Christian Post

The film covers the architectural controversy in Berlin of the 1990s, and traces its impact to this day. Can the city remain a city for everybody?

To the Table

UKR 2017, 13:52 min, OV with engl. subtitles,
D: Anna Dobrova

Niemandsland – Über die Zukunt einer verlassenen Stadt

GER 2017,
82:00 min, german OV,
D: Philipp Kohl & Donnie Schoenemond

Following the withdrawal of the US military, new life is to breathed into the empty Benjamin Franklin Village: a new district for Mannheim that does not extinguish the old is being planned by MVDR with the participation and input of the local residents.