Öffentlicher Raum & Hitze in der Stadt

Posted on: 9th November 2019

public space & urban heat

in cooperation with Creative Cluster

date & time: 11. November 2019, 19:00 – 21:00

place: Creative Cluster Projektraum Schlingermarkt
Brünnerstraße 34-38/14/R01 1220 Floridsdorf

“LOKALE FOREN Floridsdorf” is an event by PlaceCity partner Vienna. The event will start with a public discussion about “how to counteract heat in the city and how placemaking can contribute”. In addition to the expert inputs 2 short films will be shown.

Keynotes & public discussion

Doris Schnepf (Green4Cities), Claudia Schrenk (MD-BD, Kompetenzzentrum für grüne und umweltbezogene Infrastruktur) & Jürgen Preiss (MA 22, Urbane Hitzeinseln Strategieplan)


in cooperation with Movies in Wonderland

The Flying Gardeners

The Flying Gardeners, IT 2015, 9:00 min, without Dialog, R: Giacomo Boeri and Matteo Grimaldi

Every four months they fly around the Vertical Forest.!
They hang by rope from the edge of the roof and descend by jumping between balconies. Botanists and climbers, only they have the consciousness of the richness of the lives that the
Forest hosts in the Milan sky.

When a Town Runs Dry

When a Town Runs Dry, USA, 8:15 min, eOV, R: Joris Debeij

“When A Town Runs Dry” documents life in Stratford, a small town in California’s Central Valley, where years of drought is threatening the livelihood of the community.

When a Town Runs Dry

about the project:

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