Erasmus+ training: Turn waste into profit

Posted on: 6th October 2020

Second training week for the CEED project.

Training Course “Turn Waste into Profit”


April 11-16 2021



24 youth workers and leaders aged 18+,

4 per partner organization


The TC will involve the same youth workers and leaders who participated in the first project TC, with a focus on exploring the environmental sustainability dimension of Circular Economy business models as well as the instruments and strategy to be adopted in order to employ sustainability instruments/approaches to lower the environmental impact of rural and urban business and communities as well as to open innovative market niches in the recycling industry. The difference from the first training, the second will contain how youth can capitalize their recycling products on start up projects. A series of topics containing information on how to establish a start-up business in recycling industry will take place throughout the training programme.


Non Formal Education methods comprising Ice-Breakers, Team Building activities, Roundtables, Simulations, Workshops, Case-Studies, Team-work aimed at producing NFE methodologies aimed at spreading sustainability competences in circular economy among youngsters, Team-work aimed at producing a specific section of the “Circular Economy into Art through Eco-Design” Manual. The manual will contain business models in Circular Economy and case studies realized by the participants.


Second section of “Circular Economy into Art through Eco-Design” Manual with the NFE tools produced by participants integrated, ‘’Turn Waste to Profit’ business plans

project info & activities


Wonderland is collecting best practices for the manual and selecting the Austrian participants in the CEED programme. If you have a project to share or an idea to develop in the CEED programme furthe please contact us.