Never-Never School in Kosice (SK)

Posted on: 1st May 2019

Never-Never School


Never-never school is for community learning and research about cities in Košice (SK) Slovakia. The particants will experiment and eplore through mapping, collective visioning and exploration of urban in-betweenness.

Never-never focuses on peer-to-peer exchange and transdisciplinarity in order to create a rich learning space for all participants. In the course of the summer school, collaborative learning models and a variety of formats are tested and developed in order to foster collaboration beyond the school’s frame.


We envision cities as constantly growing structures, where “development as usual” is the answer to everything from unemployment to tackling climate change. Even in the “shrinking” or stagnating post-socialist European cities. Alternative proposals are non-existent or quickly hushed away.

In the summer school we will work on such a site stretched along the river Hornád in the city centre of Košice, Slovakia. Trapped in a permanent limbo state between utopian desire of future city district and stagnating reality, there is a peculiar quality to its in-betweenness.

Through different methods of mapping, ethnography, phenomenological research and dramatical storytelling we want to give voice to various present and future actors of the in-between space and thus smoothly move between now and then.


1. you must be comfortable communicating in English and

2. must be able to participate in the whole programme during 28. 8.–6. 9. 2019.


Due to limited capacity we will select up to 20 participants to create a group with varied skills and interests. We ask you therefore to fill out this form at and submit the following:

• a short CV concerning your background, interests and field of work (cca 1 A4-page)

• a mapping/sketch of a specific “in-between” space near you. The recommended formats and lengths are image (cca 1 A3 page), text (cca 1 A4 page), or video (cca 1 min) – let there be no limit to your imagination!

Send us your application by May 20th 2019.

We will communicate the selection results to everyone via email by May 30th.