After the success of our award winning documentary “Ecumenopolis: City Without Limits”, we have rolled up our sleeves to start a new project called “The Age of Restoration”.

In Ecumenopolis we tried to show the consequences of neoliberal urbanisation from the example of Istanbul: forced evictions, destroyed natural resources, segregated societies and an unsustainable economy. This time we are going to look at the other side of the coin, aiming to make a film about how the global finance sector and the capital that governs it shape our cities. Looking at the big picture on a global scale, we will start our story from the heart of capital and finance, in New York City. Going through the gears of financial investments, speculation, and real estate instruments, we hope to reveal the inner workings of this elaborate mechanism that dominate our cities and living spaces.

However, in order to complete our film without sponsors (like we did also for Ecumenopolis) and compete with profit-oriented big-budget films for funding, we need to fully develop our project and produce a very strong trailer. And this means researching and shooting in New York, which is quite expensive by itself. Finding the funding for the documentary depends for the most part on this trailer. The success of this trailer means that your contribution to the documentary will be multiplied many fold.

You can visit our campaign page here:

Thank you for your support and solidarity!

Love and peace

Gaye Günay & İmre Azem