a castle as a give away – only in Italy!

Posted on: 9th June 2017

Do you want to test your architectural skills on the recreation of a castle in Italy? This might be your chance than.

You can check the online brochure of Italy’s state property agency. Due to an abundance of rundown treasures the state can no longer afford to keep up, Italy is offering up 103 free farmhouses, castles, towers, convents, monasteries and villas. The properties are spread across the country. There are 27 in Puglia and Basilicata, eight on the island of Sardinia and seven in Sicily. None in high frequented touristic locations.

The catch is, you need to share your creation with tourists. You can turn it into a hotel, hostel or spa, a restaurant or a special spot catering to pilgrims or cyclists or … And you need to preserve the original look/style. The whole call has the aim to promote the “slow tourism”. Most buildings are close to pilgrim ways or cyclist routes.