wonderland meets circonnact

Posted on: 5th May 2021

Wonderland – platform for european architecture presents
a project space interview series.

Circular economy with circular innovation organization Circonnact!

In this episode of the project space interview series, Andreas Ellenberger from Circonnact discusses circular design and innovation. Andreas talks about the many ways in which circular economy could work and works.

Circonnact are a Vienna based organization who aim to empower people in businesses and cities to create sustainable and regenerative solutions addressing economic, social and environmental challenges with a circular, systemic and nature-inspired approach.  


Circular economy webinar

by Project Space

This webinar is a must watch for social entrepreneurs, designers, handcrafts people and everyone who wants to take action in the field of circular economy. It details selected best practices and projects and show in the interviews how the people in this field work and how to get started. Andreas Ellenberger outlines the importance of circular business models, provides inspiring examples and explains a way to take action yourself.

Feel free to share and spread the word. We would love to see more entrepreneurs in this field. If you know of other initiatives, just let us know, so we can promote them as well.

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