All inclusive city-24h
Clemens Bauder and Roland Krebs

Our cities are filled with problematic areas, some areas are not open to all citizens and some are due to specialization of the districts (for e.g. business district) not useable throughout the day, week or year. Wrong planned or developed areas need to be adjusted to the current and future needs of the citizens. The aim of wonderlab is to show with reference projects how an all including city would work on 24 hours basis and highlight wrong attitudes in the policies. With different formats, the citizens and administration will be engaged to discuss the threats and opportunities in the city. Additionally an open workshop with international and local experts will deal with a concrete problematic area in the hosting city and deliver practicable approaches to solve the problem. The vision of WONDERLAB is an initiated discussion process about what it means to design and produce social inclusive architecture and urban projects with the citizens and social organizations.

The first three stations of WONDERLAB will be in Vienna (AT), Berlin (DE) and Kiev (UA) and are supported by BMUKK, Arch+Ing and ECF. The collaboration partners are Az W for Vienna (AT), DAZ for Berlin (DE), Canactions for Kiev (UA).
wonderlab is looking for strong partners – do not hesitate to contact us