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Posted on: 27th January 2024
Online Architecture Film Festival “One Point Five Degrees: Reconfiguring Architecture”

Initiated in response to COVID lockdowns in 2020, movies in wonderland goes into the third year of the #Online #Architecture #Film #Festival, curating a selection of freely accessible online films, featuring a screening of “Cave_bureau: Spaces of Trauma, Spaces of Healing” about the Kenyan architecture group that challenges traditional understandings of architecture and colonial structures, “Serpentine Pavilion 2023” by architect Lina Ghotmeh, and “Rebel Architecture – A Traditional Future” on Yasmeen Lari, whose work was at the center of an exhibition and publication by our partners Az W – Architekturzentrum Wien in 2023. Lari uses local building techniques to rebuild villages in the flood-stricken Sindh region. This year´s Online Festival also highlights the work of our partners at Mies.Magazin with their film “Wiener Linie – Ein Straßenportrait.”


Cave_bureau. Spaces of Trauma, Spaces of Healing, DK 2023, 47 min, D: Marc-Christoph Wagner & Simon Weyhe

Cave_bureau is a Nairobi-based bureau of architects and researchers charting explorations into architecture and urbanism within nature. Their work addresses and works to decode both anthropological and geological contexts of the postcolonial African city – explored through drawing, storytelling, construction, and the curation of performative events of resistance. The bureau is driven to develop systems and structures that improve the human condition without negatively impacting communities’ natural environment and social fabric. By conducting playful and intensive research studies into caves within and around Nairobi, Cave-bureau aims to navigate a return to the limitless curiosity of its early ancestors while confronting the challenges of contemporary rural and urban living.

In this film, architect Lina Ghotmeh shares the process of designing the Serpentine Pavilion 2023. Ghotmeh describes her approach to architecture as an “archaeology of the future”, a concept she came up with early on in her architectural studies. Speaking from her studio in Paris, she takes us through the research and influences that have informed the concept for ‘À table’, the next Serpentine Pavilion.

Twist: Venice Architecture Biennale 2023, FR 2023, 30 min, D: Barbara Brückner, Eric Brinkmann

Climate change, scarce resources, and increased sustainability – how do we want to build in the future? Everything is being examined, not just architecture. Politics and art must offer interdisciplinary models and designs for the future of construction and housing.


(c) arte.tv

Yasmeen Lari is Pakistan’s first female architect and one of the most successful providers of disaster relief shelters in the world. She has built more than 36,000 houses for victims of floods and earthquakes in Pakistan since 2010.

Shunning the structurally weak, mass-produced houses offered by international organisations, Lari uses vernacular techniques and local materials such as lime and bamboo. Her houses have a tiny carbon footprint and are simple enough for people to build themselves. With this, she hopes to demonstrate the role that architecture can play in humanitarian aid. (Al Jazeera)

Wiener Linie – Ein Straßenportrait, AT 2023, 26 min, D: Paula Brücke & Bernhard Mayer

The film Wiener Linie examines Vienna’s north-eastern arterial road along Praterstraße, Lassallestraße and Wagramer Straße. Without claiming to fully depict the diversity of spaces, the film portrays special public spaces of transit: those that, despite their potential, are not (yet) of great importance in the everyday life of the Viennese and those that are decisive for spatial identity. © Mies. Magazin, 2023