HMK Open Call for Proposals

Posted on: 20th February 2017

Deadline: 1 June 2017 (For the programma of 2018)

Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK) is an artist-in-residence, exhibition space and cinema for contemporary visual art in the city centre of Hoorn; a historic town 40 kilometres north of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. HMK is a non-profit organization that aims to assist young as well as more established artists from all over the world in the production of new work and promote exchanges between national and international artists, cultural institutions and the public. The studio/exhibition space of HMK is located in an early 16th century chapel, surrounded by a semi-private courtyard. This beautifully tranquil and spacious working environment offers the artists-in-residence a unique space for reflection, experimentation and production. HMK places the artist at the centre of its activities, and stimulates risk-taking as a key element of artistic development. The public programme of exhibitions, screenings, lectures, workshops and publications, aims to challenge perceptions of what constitutes contemporary art, and bring the audience closer to the practice that motivates it.

Once a year HMK sends out an open call for artists and curators to hand in a proposal for a residency period. A residency typically lasts for 4 or 8 weeks (note: the chapel is only available for up to 4 weeks before an exhibition). During a stay in our guesthouse, residents are invited to develop, execute and present new work in the chapel/exhibition space and/or elsewhere in Hoorn. The Netherlands is a small country that is easy to navigate by train, and we stimulate artists to also use the residency as an opportunity to explore other places, museums and project spaces.

Who may apply?
Artists and curators

About our residency
During a stay at our guesthouse the artist/curator is invited to develop, execute and present a new project. Residencies vary in length and depend on the nature of the work; usually between 4 and 8 weeks. The exhibition with the residents´ work is open to the public, and lasts around 4 weeks.

All residents are offered
Full and free use of all accommodation, living, and working facilities (wireless internet, washing machine, basic tools, audio & video equipment). Prior to the residency HMK assists with finding appropriate funds to cover a travel/living/production budget, and during the residency production and technical assistance is made available. Furthermore, HMK is responsible for all promotional activities in relation to the projects, which include regional, national and international contacts.

The guesthouse is a short walk from the chapel. It has two bedrooms (one large and one small), a large living space, bathroom, and kitchen. The studio/exhibition space is approx. 9 by 18 m, by 8m high, with 5 large church windows. Window blinds and scaffolding are available. The large inner garden can be used as well. Please be advised that the walls of the chapel are uneven and moist and therefore not very suitable to hang drawings.

The residency and use of all facilities is free. In collaboration with the artists, HMK aims to secure additional funding in order to provide a travel/living/production budget. Amounts depend on individual projects.

HMK is looking for
HMK is looking for innovative projects that make full use of the unique opportunities offered. Preference is given to projects that take the context/history of Hoorn or surrounding area as a starting point to explore current socio-political issues. The beautiful chapel/exhibition space lends itself well for ambitious projects, and we prefer to facilitate projects that for one reason or other cannot (easily) be realized somewhere else.

Things to consider when applying
– We strongly advise you to read into the wider context of Hoorn and HMK prior to submitting a proposal.
– Proposals must focus mainly on content of the work and the process of working resulting in a presentation in our chapel/exhibition space. Please do not propose to exhibit pre-existing work!
– HMK does not usually host residents working with theatre or dance as their main medium.
– Realize that the end of your residency has a public component; e.g. an exhibition in the chapel or other presentation. Include this clearly in your plan.
– Consider the size of the exhibition space! It is very big as well as high. We are looking for projects/artists that use the space well.

Application fee
In order to apply, HMK requests a small application fee of €15,- per project. The application fee should be transferred to our PayPal account with email address [email protected] Fees paid are nonrefundable. Without received payment your application will not be considered.

Selection procedure
A small selection committee chaired by the artistic director selects artists in 2 rounds; after sending in a first, short project proposal, you may be asked to submit more information.

How to apply?
1) Read our info and application guidelines (above)
2) Fill in our application form. (see
3) Transfer the application fee to our PayPal account with email address [email protected]
4) Send in your application in a SINGLE pdf file to: [email protected]

More information?
Download the HMK-info pack (pictures, floor-plan etc.) For questions about the Open Call, please email to [email protected]