Posted on: 14th November 2017

Colectivo Warehouse is an art and architecture collective based in Lisbon currently developing a festival format to promote the use of sharing tools for rehousing communities without basic living conditions. As we believe that participatory method is an essential tool in rehousing processes, we are focusing on bottom-up approaches to solutions.



HABITABIS is an itinerant festival that aims to bring together communities and technicians to share their experiences and gain new tools and knowledge to enhance rehousing processes. HABITABIS FESTIVAL seeks to contribute to local urban development and identity, promoting a peer-to-peer exchange between communities.

More than sharing the achievements and the results, HABITABIS FESTIVAL encourages its participants to share the ups and downs of the process, seen through the eyes of the rehoused communities and the technicians involved in it.

The first edition will be held in Lisbon and then it will proceed to be hosted by other communities in need across Europe.

HABITABIS FESTIVAL has the support of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale and Ateliermob office and it can count as well on    European Cultural Foundation funding for transport and accommodation for all participants involved.



  1. We identify European communities and local stakeholders to host the festival or Communities and local stakeholders contact us through habitabis’ website and international platforms. Local governments are an important key to develop sustainable new models of social housing/rehoused communities. We would like to share with them this tool to implement it in their communities. We connect stakeholders, technicians and partners to improve housing solutions .
  2. During the festival the collective local team identifies entities to develop (or improve) a participatory rehousing process with the hosting community. A project team is formalized, in collaboration with the local government, to address future solutions for these communities.

HABITABIS FESTIVAL offers local platforms to share stories and knowledge between peers, from the local sphere (festival communities hosts) to a wider international influence. By sitting together various stakeholders and invite them to share locally their victories and failures, we create a common empathy.



Habitabis festival is an open-source tool, but we need support to grow. It’s important to host editions in different locations, so we can develop all together more inclusive solutions for the ones in need. The festival coordination team helps to assess resources, needs and partners. The coordination team, local community and stakeholders co-design the festival edition, putting together a collective local team.

Colectivo Warehouse would like to invite you to take part in this process.

We are looking for:

1) Partners to share our concept promoting the first edition of HABITABIS FESTIVAL  (social media post, network mailing, online news/articles, conferences…)

2) Partners to put us in contact with our main targets
      a) Communities dealing with an emergency resettlement situation (slums, refugee camps, informal settlement…)
      b) Partners ready to take part in the HABITABIS FESTIVAL firsthand, sharing their good practices, projects or methodologies in the field of participative resettlement.


Are you interested in the project? Send us an e-mail at: [email protected]
Discover HABITABIS at www.habitabis.org