Fourteenth International Conference on The Constructed Environment

Posted on: 8th April 2024
Are urban spaces becoming asocial forms?

We’ve recently participated in the Fourteenth International Conference on The Constructed Environment at the University of Vienna, organized by Common Ground Research Networks. This conference centered around the theme “Asocial Forms: Reconfiguring Possibilities of Urban Space.”

In our cities, the built environment and physical forms play crucial roles in shaping social interactions and community building. However, many urban spaces have come to be characterized by “asocial forms,” physical structures and spaces that lack connections to other parts of the city or do not foster social interaction between individuals. These forms can contribute to a sense of isolation and disconnection among residents, leading to a fragmented and asocial society.

“Honest and continued collobration will make a difference.”

Our colleague, Bahanur Nasya, presented on community-centered futures. Nasya had the opportunity to showcase the experiences gained from Wonderland’s projects and events, ranging from fair mobility projects to our active involvement in youth-led initiatives and furthermore, our recent focus on PEDs (Positive Energy District).

In the conference we emphasized the importance of honest and continuous collaboration for positive change. We believe that by working together openly, we can counteract speculations, insecurities, and monopolies.

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Bahanur Nasya
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