CANactions School for Urban Studies

Posted on: 8th July 2015

CANactions anoounce the open call for the School for Urban Studies.

CANactions School is a non-profit interdisciplinary platform for post-graduate urban studies. The School has no analogues in Ukraine. It is the international project oriented on the best global experience.

Our aim is to prepare agents of urban changes who can initiate and implement the groundbreaking projects for real urban spaces development while working within the interdisciplinary teams guided by the world’s leading experts.

The theme of the School’s first academic year is (RE)START. We introduce the interdisciplinary research process of Ukrainian cities while proposing to re-think the basic mechanisms of urban planning and urban environment development. What is the contemporary city? What are the Ukrainian cities peculiarities? Who defines their development at the moment? How to transform this process into more efficient and open? The study process will be supervised within the framework of Studio with Swiss urbanist Urs Thomann as the curator.

12-16 young specialists from Ukraine and abroad: urban planners, architects, city transport’ specialists, economists, culturologists, sociologists, lawyers and the representative of other professions related to urban themes.

CANactions School is cooperating with the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine, mayoral candidates and active members of municipalities, community organizations and international experts from EU and United States, and also with our partners from GIZ and SECO – all those who are interested in starting the urban planning reform in Ukraine.

The expected length of studies is four months, from September 14 till December 18. The School will be conducted in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The School fully operates in English

International experience and international experts are the important part of our program. Our jury and advisory board will consist of intenationally acclaimed specialists. We will also conduct workshops, lectures and master-classes for wide public.

The participation in School is your step towards the professional growth, unique experience and brand new perspectives. After the end of Studio the best participants will have a chance to continue the further work on the city development strategy, get the skills of urban research methodology, get the internship abroad in the partner institutions of CANactions School, become a part of a team engaged in urban planning reform in Ukraine, work in the interdisciplinary teams on a real case study.  

Details and entry requirements could be found on our website – or via our Facebook –