Become a PoolPlayer and make some artistic research on SPACE and TIME

Posted on: 27th May 2015

Since 2011 the empty swimming pool of the Hotel Sole Paradiso invites once a year musicians, architects, dancers and artists/creatives to do artistic research on SPACE and TIME, choreographing, composing and designing them. After an intensive, playful process the PoolPlayers, the participants of the workshop, will present the research result to the public in the pool: the PoolFillment.

2015: 14th – 19th September
PoolPlay at 2014: Against the current to the Source
2013_If I believe Liliana, it’s magic
2012_Déjà Vu / Orignal and Copy
PoolPlay is an exchange of givers: PoolPlayers and PoolPlayMakers
As we gather to be together we are keen on creating a horizontally structured space for us to research artistically. The nature and as well the pool offer us a profound place to be, to work and to connect us.

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