Movies in Wonderland 2015

Saturday, 15. August 201520:00

Questions and answers with Hannes Mayer, Martin Zettel and Claus Drexel


„Sei Vogel, wenn du fliegst“

AT 2010, 49 mins, D: Hannes Mayer & Martin Zettel, in German with English subtitles

A documentary on homelessness in Graz that tells of very personal stories, living conditions and what are frequently refined strategies for dealing with life “on the street”, in an attempt to broaden our image of the city of Graz. The film avoids the familiar views of soup kitchens and shelters for the homeless, telling instead the personal stories and paths into homelessness, and out of it. The film shows the survival strategies, the everyday routines and the accompanying dangers. A film that carefully challenges our preconceptions of homelessness, informing our perception of the town and society.

Au bord du monde                                                                         

FR 2013, 98 mins, D: Claus Drexel, in French with English subtitles

Paris at night. Jeni, Wenzel, Christine, Pascal and many other people without homes live on the margin of a world where society no longer protects them. In beautiful poetic images the film describes how they set up temporary shelters on the pavements, under bridges and in the corridors of the Métro — under constant threat of being chased away — without romanticising the protagonists’ plight. An award-winning film about life on the street.


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pic (c) Claus Drexel (Au bord du Monde)