Secret Architecture Shortfilm Festival – TU Vienna

Posted on: 22nd February 2020

A selection of short films together with the premiere of Mies.TV´s portrait of “Berliner Schloss.”

February 26, 20:00

TU Vienna – Fachschaft Architektur

Mies. in Wonderland has put together a selection of short films for students and a broader audience at Austria’s largest architecture university. 


After All, the Culture of Nature, DE / ES 2018, 9:35 min, original version (English), D: Imke Woelk 

The video shows an archive of sculptures made from various plastic materials found on the seashore, juxtaposing them with archaeological and cultural artefacts. The objects, connected by an astonishing similarity, are alternated with passages of text by various authors that break down the complex problem of the climate crisis and make it collectively solvable. The reflection on a meaningful contribution made by architecture begins at a critical distance. The conscious selection of a single material allows us to pose the decisive question of our time. Why aren’t we doing anything?


After All – The Culture of Nature (c) Imke Woelk

The Flying Gardeners IT 2015, 9:00 min, without language, D: Giacomo Boeri & Matteo Grimaldi

A short movie tells the story of Massimo, Giovanni and Gilberto, three of the “flying gardeners” who take care of the Bosco Verticale and who deeply know the life that inhabit the sky above Milan.

Berliner Schloß, DE 2017, 8:00 min, German, D: Mies. magazine

Mies.TV looks behind the facade of Berliner Schloss, giving us an insight in the discussions and processes of its reproduction in the heart of the city.

Special: in honor of Yona Friedman.

PORT-RE Yona Friedman. FR 2018, 11:10 min, engl. subs, D: Mies.FR

We opened the doors of Yona Friedman’s workshop. A plural architect, sometimes a whimsical creator of space cities, sometimes a sociologist, Yona Friedman tackles themes that are well-established in our time. Modular housing, structural envelope and technical innovation … According to Yona Friedman, architecture is an eminently sociological act that engages the individual. The act is collective and society creates the conditions of its reality… Wonderland is a cooperation between movies in wonderland and Mies.TV

movies in wonderland is supported by: Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, and by Kammer der ZiviltechnikerInnen | ArchitektInnen und IngenieurInnen Wien.Niederösterreich.Burgenland