The Call for Papers of this year’s REAL CORP conference under the topic “Smart me up! How to become and how to stay a Smart City, and does this improve quality of life?” is open until 15 February 2016.

Smart cities go hand in hand with evolvement and improvement of digital technology. They are a post-industrial reaction to the economic, social and political changes and challenges the world has been facing throughout the last decade – like the demographic change, the financial crisis or scarcity of resources.

In cities there are plenty of players with very different tasks and interests. Many of them are trying to own the term “Smart city”. It is somehow fascinating to compare the different interpretations of this label – from a geographic point of view (for example in Europe, USA, China, …), through its perspective (humans and quality of life or technology and efficieny as centre point?), or generally from an economic position (potential savings on the one hand, rapidly growing business field on the other hand) and via approaches to standardisation of the city and its services.

There are lots of methods to achieve smartness, and there are lots of approaches to define proper smart indicators that tell us something about the smartness of a city. What are their advantages or disadvantages, which approach may claim to be the right one – and why?

These topics and questions and much more will be dealt with from 22 to 24 June 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. To register for conference participation and submit your abstract, please visit our registration portal More information about conference fees, venue, topics as well as all CORP papers since the very first conference in 1996 can be found at