NEETs: profiles and typologies

Posted on: 16th June 2020

29. June 2020 – 15:00h CET | PREMIUM SESSION

Massimiliano Mascherini (Head of Social Affairs Unit, Eurofound)

Youths not in Employment, nor in Education and Training (NEET) is a very heterogenous group. Some distinctions have been made between subgroups, based on age subclasses or on unemployment/inactivity status. For the past decade, Eurofound has worked to capture more specific types of NEETs and how they may differ across sex, age groups or degree of urbanization.

With the recent COVID-19 outburst, COST Actions have become seriously limited in promoting the involvement of stakeholders, whether they are other researchers and scholars, policy-makers, representatives of public services or NGO’s.

In the case of CA 18213, this is a very demanding situation. That is why we offer this webinars sessions for all the members, stakeholders and persons interested in our topic.