NEET youths profile in The Azores

Posted on: 25th June 2020

What do we know so far?

NEET youths profile in The Azores: What do we know so far? (In English)

July 6 @ 3:00 pm5:00 pm CEST

6.July.2020 – 15:00h CET | National stakeholders involvement webinars
Francisco Simões (CIS; ISCTE-IUL)

NEET youths profile in The Azores: What do we know so far? (In English)

This webinar aims at synthesizing the current knowledge about NEETs in The Azores Islands. To do so, the session will start by an analysis of the evolution of NEETs in Europe, Portugal and The Azores, for the past 10 years. Afterwards, three studies that were undertaken in Region will be summarized. These studies will focus on NEETs profile, lower qualified NEETs professional expectations and also on their perceptions about dominant sectors in rural areas, namely agriculture. The webinar will involve about 10 professionals and intermediate leaders of The Azores Islands employment public services that work directly with NEETs, in the context of the Youth Guarantee program. The session will be held in Portuguese and will include a brief presentation, group discussions and a Q&A session. The expected duration for the webinar is 60 minutes.

With the recent COVID-19 outburst, COST Actions have become seriously limited in promoting the involvement of stakeholders, whether they are other researchers and scholars, policy-makers, representatives of public services or NGO’s.

In the case of CA 18213, this is a very demanding situation. That is why we offer this webinars sessions for all the members, stakeholders and persons interested in our topic.