POSEIDON WeLabs: Call for Film Submissions

Posted on: 31st May 2024

POSEIDON Launches WeLabs with an Open Call for Films to Promote Positive Energy Districts Across the Mediterranean Cities

POSEIDON project has announced a new initiative aimed at promoting the creation of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) in the Mediterranean region. While the technical aspects of sustainable energy have been thoroughly discussed and analyzed, the social impact and importance of community involvement are often overlooked. POSEIDON project seeks to address this gap by highlighting the social aspects of sustainability and renewable energy through community engagement.

POSEIDON project’s WeLab supports this integration by involving communities directly and showcasing successful examples.

Community Screenings to Highlight Social Aspects of Sustainability

POSEIDON plans to organize WeLabs in several Mediterranean cities, including Cesena (Italy), Cascais (Portugal), Antalya (Turkey), Alcorcon (Spain), Rome (Italy), and Marseilles (France). These events will engage stakeholders and citizens through workshops, games, and guerrilla screenings, focusing on raising awareness about sustainable energy production and consumption. The goal is to showcase inspiring examples of community-driven efforts towards sustainability and encourage a bottom-up approach to achieving sustainability goals.

Call for Documentary Films

POSEIDON project is inviting filmmakers who have created documentary films on various themes related to environmental and social sustainability to participate in the initiative. The themes include:

  • The environmental impact of climate change on communities and society.
  • Communities that have successfully adopted sustainable, environmentally friendly, and ecologically conscious lifestyles.
  • Efforts towards self-sufficiency and resource sharing among communities.
  • Stories of alternative energy sources and their societal and environmental impact.

Opportunity for Filmmakers

Filmmakers whose works align with these themes are encouraged to submit their documentaries. Selected films will receive a prize or fee of 200 Euros each. Additionally, filmmakers living in or near the listed cities are invited to attend the events as guest speakers to discuss their work and its themes with the local community.

Submission Guidelines

Short Film Category:

  • Films no longer than 15 minutes.

Feature Film Category:

  • Films over 50 minutes.


  • Applicants must ensure they have the necessary copyright clearances for any material used in their films. POSEIDON reserves the right to use trailers, stills, images, and posters for promotional purposes in various media outlets. The festival will only communicate with the submitter of the film project.


  • Films in all languages are welcome, but must include English subtitles. POSEIDON will assist with subtitling to ensure films can be screened in a variety of languages.

For more information on how to participate or submit your film, please visit