Posted on: 23rd March 2015


In the fast growing mega city Nairobi, public spaces suffer from degradation, overcrowding, and insecurity, thereby denying city residents access to much-needed community, recreation and leisure facilities. How can we improve these spaces? And how can we unite different stakeholders and experts for doing so? For the Project ‘Making Cities Together’ we invite you for co-creating truly inclusive spaces in Nairobi. The ultimate goal of the inventory is to create a framework for practical Placemaking strategies at the city scale.

The International Federation of Planning and Housing (IFHP), the International New Town Institute (INTI) and Placemakers are pleased to announce an Open Call for participation in The Placemaking Research Lab which will take place from May 4 – May 8, 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya. For this exchange we are searching enthusiastic international experts – ranging from urban designers, and social scientists to architects and other creatives.

We will select at least six international experts in order to form three interdisciplinary, diverse teams with about six members, existing of a representative of the initiative, two international experts, two local experts based in Nairobi and a representative of the local government. Each team will research one of three selected dynamic and upcoming Placemaking locations in Nairobi – ‘the streets of Korogocho – an informal settlement’, ‘The Sunken Car/Skating Park in Nairobi’s city centre’ or ‘ The courtyards of Dandora – a residential neighbourhood’.

During this intensive, hands on Lab the teams will learn from presentations of the local initiatives and site visits accompanied with in-depth lectures and research by design workshops. As a result of the Research Lab one of the developed strategies will be actualized in one site to act as a case for benchmarking.