Interested in writing for Strong Towns?

Posted on: 26th October 2017 is looking for writers:

We want to hear your perspective on Strong Towns issues and how they’re impacting your community. Whether your town is implementing a creative affordable housing solution that’s worth covering, or you’ve got a personal reflection on auto-oriented development, we cover a huge range of topics and writing styles on our site. If you’re a writer (amateurs, professionals and everything in between), we welcome your guest article submission.

Here’s a quick run-down of what we look for in an article:

  • Directly connected to Strong Towns’ mission, principles and/or approach
  • Not overtly promoting a product or service
  • Non-partisan
  • Accessible to a general audience (i.e. free of highly-technical jargon and written in a way that a non-professional could understand it and find it interesting)
  • Between 500-1800 words (Longer pieces may be accepted but would be broken into a multi-part series.)

We especially love hearing about the Strong Towns movement in action, so if you’re a member of Strong Towns and you’ve been implementing our mission in your community, please tell us about it! Your community could end up being featured on our Success Stories page.

We’re also always looking to feature new perspectives on our site. If you’ve got a perspective that you’re not seeing in our content, we want to hear from you.

Contact Rachel Quednau to discuss a story idea or submit an article.