DIA – Design Intelligence Award

Posted on: 9th June 2021
The DIA Overseas (Italy) and POLI.design are pleased to invite you to participate in the DI-Awards 2021.
Design Intelligence Award (DIA) is the first international award in the field of industrial design in China, established in 2015 by the China Academy of Art. In 2021, the sixth edition of the DIA will be launched online, calling on “International workstations”, national and international partner institutions, experts, media and others to invite designers from around the world to design for the fight against the epidemic and for a better future for humanity.
The award is divided into PRODUCT and CONCEPT categories (please visit www.di-award.org for details), and DIA has prepared generous prizes for participants, with the highest prize for a single entry being the Gold Prize (2 entries, RMB 1,000,000 per entry), for a total prize of RMB 5,000,000.
The DIA’s responsible team for Italy would like to remind you that they have the right to send the projects previously reviewed by us directly to the Final Valuation by sending you the Invitation Code, with which you can actually pass the Preliminary Valuation.


Therefore, they invite you to contact them and send them your projects to receive the Invitation Code.
For those who will receive the code : be sure to insert it on the registration page.


For more information of DIA 2021, please visit the official DIA website: www.di-award.org
POLI.design and DIA look forward to receiving your projects, even in summary form, in order to assess their suitability for the transition to the “final”.
POLI.design x DIA