wonderlab: funding urbanism

Posted on: 3rd March 2015


in cooperation with DAZ and ECF

28th of October 2014 – 1st of November 2014 – Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ, Köpenicker Str. 48/49, 10179 Berlin-Mitte

In the past decade, as an effect of the economic crisis and social movements, many actors in the architecture and planning fields recognized that traditional funding models lost their capacity to feed small-scale, community-oriented urban projects. While designers elaborated new methods to address problems of community, participation and ecology, they also created alliances with a new generation of developers, economists, as well as law specialists to experiment with new models for funding urbanism. 

For Wonderlab Berlin, Wonderland invites protagonists of the new civic economy from various European cities to join the Funding Urbanism Berlin workshop: 4 days of site visits, presentations, debates and screenings, as well as an evolving exhibition.

Wednesday, OCT29

19-21h Recovering Resources: presentations and roundtable discussion with LCC (Rotterdam), T Spoon (Rome), Architettura Senza Frontiera (Milano), Stealth (Amsterdam/Belgrade) and Fatkoehl Architekten+Urban Catalyst (Berlin). With the participation of Stefanie Raab (Coopolis, Berlin), Luke Haywood (Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, Berlin) and Michael Lafond (id22 Institut für kreative Nachhaltigkeit, Berlin) 

21h MOVIES IN WONDERLAND: “Life in the Coffin Factory”, D.: Alexander Dworschak, Michael Rieper, Christine Schmauszer. A 2013, 48 min. OmeU”

Friday, OCT31

19-21h Organizing Regeneration: presentations and roundtable discussion with Ramon Marrades (Valencia), Urbego (Copenhagen), SIC (Madrid), Ateliermob (Lisbon), Homebaked (Manchester), Kristien Ring (Berlin) and Bostjan Bugaric (Ljubljana-Berlin). With the participation of Tore Dobberstein (Complizen, Berlin) and Francesca Ferguson (Urban Drift, Berlin) 

21h MOVIES IN WONDERLAND: Selection of short films on “Funding Urbanism”  

Saturday, NOV1

11h guided tour at the exhibition


Call Results

We are happy to announce the selected participants of the Wonderlab Berlin Funding Urbanism in collaboration with DAZ and supported by ECF.  We would like to thank the over 70 applicants for their inspiring contributions.  

Projects selected for workshop and exhibition

Ersilia casainterfaccia (ASF_Francesca Albertoni)

Valencia Vibrant (Ramon Marrades)

Working with the 99% (Ateliermob and other contributors)

Funding Urbanism_Extitutions (SIC)

City Hound (Tspoon)

IAUU Workshop (Urbego)

GalataGreekSchool (LCC)

Smarter Building (Stealth)

Homebaked (Samantha Jones)

Zalograd (Bostjan Bugaric)

Selfmade City (Kristien Ring)

Fonds Arcostrasse: Neue Nachbarschaften, die leistbare Stadt durch Tauschhandel (fatkoehl architekten and urban catalyst studio)
CANactions team (Anastasia Pomonorova, Oleksandra Kryvcova, Oleksandra Nikitenko, Denys Kozak, Kateryna Romanova)


Projects selected for exhibition

Funding Urbanism (Linnalabor)

The Underside: High Line Corridor Pneumatic Waste-Management Cooperative” (Juliette Spertus)

Urban Solar Infrastructure (169 architecture)

Super!Mercato (Lorenzo Pentassuglia)

Ridley (Suzanne O’Connel)

greenIsland (Claudia Zanfi)

GreenFacades (Gebietsbetreuung Wien)

Funding Urbanism (Zuloark)

Cozinha Comunitária das Terras da Costa (project by ateliermob + projecto warehouse)

Halele Carol (Meta van Drunen)

Bankruptcity (denieuwegeneratie)

Architetture e Economia (Maddalena Dalfonso)

Exceptional Urbanity (Alessandro Coppola)

Funding Urbanism (Focardi Salati)

Scarcity in Excess (Arna Mathiensen)

Funding Urbanism (Pierre Michel)