Wonderland Symposium  launches cross-border architecture projects in Europe

The platform for European startup architecture offices transforms itself from touring exhibition to project developer. Content available in manual for emerging architects.

The symposium “Getting specialized“ on Nov 14 at Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W), serves as prelude to the progression of the architectural platform Wonderland. Between 2004 and 2006, Wonderland started as a travelling exhibition displaying 99 teams of architects from nine countries. The second phase of Wonderland, which runs from 2008 to 2011, again carries the main idea of international exchange. It aims at enabling participants to work transnationally on tangible projects and their realisation in Europe. The assignment for existing and new teams claims: “Make projects happen“.

The symposium “Getting specialized” explores the chances of specialisation, which open up for architects in contemporary architectural practices. Lecturers, as well as debaters of the participating European countries are going to present examples and shed light on parallels as well as differences. The symposium’s results will contribute to the fourth edition of Wonderland Magazine.

Geographic Expansion

So far, Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, The Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic have been part of Wonderland. The new phase expands to 13 Northern, Southern and Eastern European countries. Each state can participate in the scheduled project spaces with a maximum of eleven teams, and optionally, with one national organisation.

Collaboration in Project Spaces

The new edition of Wonderland is no longer a touring architecture exhibition. Teams and organisations meet in so-called project spaces until March 2011 in order to develop the topic of a future project’s study in selected local contexts. These studies are generated for concrete clients representing municipalities, NGOs or private companies.

The requirement for innovative architectural or urban development concepts as well as the interest in realising them back up the criteria for the selection of contractees. Mixed project groups from local and international teams from Wonderland’s pool work on the topics. For each study, several scenarios are developed and presented. In a second phase, the groups work virtually via internet, thus completing the projects.

Every participating country hosts one or two project spaces. The results will be shown in a concluding exhibition in Vienna from October 2011 on. Additionally, the planned handbook ‘Managing collaborations‘ will provide an analysis of the cooperations and their results.

Symposium and Kick-Off – „Getting specialized“

Venue                    Architekturzentrum Wien – Az W,  Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

Date                      November 14, 2008

Programme           10 am – 11 am Press Conference

                                    3 pm – 7 pm Symposium


PANEL 1_Experts 3 pm – 4.30 pm

Anneke Bokern / Freie Journalistin, Amsterdam (NL)

Frank Peter Jäger / PR Berater für ArchitektInnen und Publizist, Berlin (DE)

Oliver Schürer / Architekturtheoretiker, Kurator und freier Autor, Wien (AT)


PANEL 2_Teams 5 pm – 6.30

Stefan Bendiks / Artgineering, Rotterdam (NL)

Hannes Schreckensberger / collectiv exyzt, Paris (FR)

Patricia Meneses & Iván Juárez / ex.studio, Barcelona (ES)

Matthias Lehner / Lehner en Gunther Architecten, Amsterdam (NL)

Roland Gruber / nonconform architektur vor ort, Wien/Moosburg (AT)

Maria Topolcanska, Bratislava (SK)


Barbara Imhof / Liquifer Systems Group, Vienna (A)

Maria Kramer & Henrik Rothe / Leit-werk, Vienna (A)

Final discussion 6.30 pm – 7 pm

moderated by Silvia Forlati / SHARE architects, Venedig/Vienna (I/A)



Overview Wonderland – “Make Projects happen“
(subject to change).

2008 – 2011             Dates and available spaces for additional project spaces

(due to the added countries and teams)

July 2008                Restart Meeting: Bratislava / SK

Aug 2008                Project Space: Flugfeld-Aspern #1, Vienna / A

Nov 2008                   Symposium “Getting specialized” + Kick-Off:
Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W) / A

Mar 2009                Project Space: Wels / A in the framework of Linz09 –
European Capital of Culture 2009

Mar 2009                Launch Wonderland Magazine #4 “Getting specialized”

June 2009               Project Space: Budapest / HU

June 2009               Symposium “Making competitions” und Ausstellung
“100 modells – 100 stories”: Az W / Vienna / A

Oct 2009                 Project Space: Amsterdam-Schiphol / NL

Nov 2009                Launch Wonderland Magazine #5 “Making Competitions”

May 2010                Symposium “Initiating projects“: Barcelona / ES

June 2010               Project Space: Jyväskylä / FI

Nov 2010                Launch Wonderland Magazine #6 “Initiating projects”

Jun 2011                 Project Space: Region Wörthersee / A

Oct 2011                 Closing Exhibition and Symposium
“Managing collaborations”, Vienna / A

Mar 2012                Launch Wonderland Magazine #7 “Managing collaborations”       


Press Contact
Sibylle Bader / juicy pool. communication

Sprengersteig 21, 1160 Vienna / Austria
Tel: +43-1-481 54 54 / 55   Fax: +43-1-481-54-54 / 11
Email: sibylle.bader@juicypool.com



Modellbebauungen Aspern Seestadt vom Wonderland Team spora & NITEO architects aus Budapest/Ungarn und den österreichischen Büros touzimsky herold und pool


Modellbebauungen Aspern Seestadt von den Wonderland Teams BARAK architekti aus Nitra/Slowakei, spora & NITEO architects aus Budapest/Ungarn und atmosfera aus Zagreb/Kroatien und den österreichischen Büros Frötscher Lichtenwagner, touzimsky herold und pool


Übersicht über das Gebiet mit der Arbeit der einzelnen internationalen Architekten


v.l.n.r.: Moderatorin und Wonderland Präsidentin Silvia Forlati, die niederländische Architekturtheoretikerin Anneke Bokern und der Berliner PR Experte Frank Peter Jäger bei ihren Referaten



der Londoner Spezialisist für Flughafenbau Henrik Rothe berichte über seine Projekte von Afrika und Asien


Ein Blick in das gut besuchte Architekturzentrum Wien


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