The self-organization of new spaces of work, culture and social welfare has been made possible by various socio-economic circumstances: unemployment, solidarity networks, changing real estate prices and ownership patters created opportunities for stepping out of the regular dynamisms of real estate development. In some cases, cooperative ownership structures exclude the possibility of real estate speculation, in others, new welfare services are integrated in local economic tissues, relying on unused resources and capacities. The new cooperative development processes also witnessed the emergence of new types of investors, operating along principles of ethics or sustainability.

The international workshops will be an occasion to discuss with local and foreign protagonists the opportunities of developing new economic models for a community-led real estate development. Results for the workshops will then feed into the publication collecting emerging models of community-led real estate development for the first time in Europe.

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  • 6-8 April 2016 in Budapest
  • 21-23 April 2016 in Madrid
  • 5-7 May 2016 in Rome
  • 28 May 2016 in Rotterdam

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Funding the Cooperative City is realised by Eutropian in collaboration with Vivero de Initiativas Ciudadanas, KEK – Hungarian Architecture Centre, Wonderland Platform for European Architecture and UrbanITA with the support of the World Urban Campaign and Advocate Europe.