Balkan Architectural Biennale – BAB is a traditional event in the field of architectural, urban design planning theory, art and practice that is being held for the second time in the period from 7. to 14. of December in 2015., venue Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Serbian Chamber of Engineers, the Yugoslav Film Archive, the Association of Architects of Belgrade, Collective for the integration of space and architecture.

BAB is a regional project which is held every second year in Belgrade with a vision to be a guest in other Balkan cities through supporting events throughout the year.

It is a remarkable scientific and cultural event which includes an exhibition of architectural projects, spatial planning projects, exhibition of interior design, a scientific conference and workshops in the field of architectural theory and production, exhibition of photographs and installations.

This year theme of the BAB is “big a”, when participants will represent a personal interpretation of the theme. Bearing in mind the economic crisis that has affected and continues to affect every form of artistic creativity, we will have the opportunity to see the response of the architectural profession to the current challenges and temptations of our time. Exhibitions and international conferences will include works from the fields of architecture, urban planning, interior design, installation and spatial planning.

This year’s BAB-in participants will be scientists, experts, architects, artists, designers, and architectural bureaus from Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Russia, France, Italy and the wider region. The new segment of this year’s Balkan Architectural Biennale is an exhibition of design, which combines interior design, furniture manufacturing, design and industrial design. The focus is on the personal vision of designers regarding the current situation in the Balkans and individual sensibilities in interior design.

Some of the goals of this year’s BAB’s are connecting scholars , professionals and architectural bureaus, through the exchange of experiences, expanding and promoting new ideas that would lead to an overall improvement of the architectural scene. The realization of the exhibition and presentation of juried works would impact on the competitiveness and quality of future realized architectural and urban ventures in the region.