What can design do for the future of our living?

Posted on: 25th September 2019

What can design do for the future of our living?

Living is a research project in Budapest, initiated by Kultúrgorilla with public events.

Everyone needs a home. But this is still a privilege of the few. Many habitats are only makeshift solutions providing temporary shelter. For many of us, housing is a dependent, vulnerable situation, where growing and planning is almost impossible. How much space does a human being needs? What can design do against energy poverty? Where does design and energy autonomy meet? Where is the border between private and community space? Is cooperative living a solution for housing crises? Design can help us rethink these questions.

What is Living?

Living is a research project and conference in Budapest, initiated by Kultúrgorilla. First day of the conference is on the 5th of October titled “Community as safety net: Collaborative living as an answer to housing crisis” and will include a Blind Date Workshop (Wonderland) with Austrian experts, working on or researching Co-living spaces. We examine different answers on housing crisis in East Europe. Mainly we look two different scales that can be interconnected as well. One is the answer around collaborative living, co-housing, the other is micro spaces, including different ones in the market.

collaboration with wonderland

For this project we are working with Wonderland – Platform for European Architechture, to ensure the international exchange.



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Contact for Living

Anna Göttler (curator, designmanager)


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The event is co-funded by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary, the Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, and the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant.

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