a blind date on Co-living between Budapest and Vienna

Posted on: 25th September 2019

a blind date on Co-living between Budapest (HU) and Vienna (AT)


Zipernowsky Tudományok és Művészetek Háza

Bartók Béla út 33., Budapest, 1114

date & time

Saturday, 5.10.2019: 13:30 – 17:30


How to create co-spaces in Altbau Large Buildings as existing assets?

In a public blind date our guests from Austria will meet on our local experts from Budapest. The exchange workshop shall inspire and guide how to establish successfull co-living communities and reflect on a local site.

about the Blind Date Workshop

Afternoon starts the Blind Date Workshop. “How to create co-spaces in Altbau Large Buildings as existing assets” will examine how to convert non function spaces into community spaces or common function spaces in large old block houses where typically people with very different financial background live together. We will involve civil organisations (NGOs) in our project to have a realistic challenge, and not too far there will be a house where we can enter and talk to the habitants and imagine the projects. We put to the agenda co-living spaces in typical Budapest Altbau buildings. In this short workshop we will talk about the structures, spaces, and the methods, how to approach the sensitive topic of transforming with very few resources, and how to boost willingness to do so.

workshop with Ernst Gruber

The housing crisis cannot be solved by collaborative housing but it can offer a concrete alternative to the destructiveness of neoliberalism. 

Gruber is an architect, teacher and researcher based in Vienna. Within the interdisciplinary team at wohnbund:consult he is responsible for developing and realising innovative and socially responsible housing concepts. He has been board member of the Austrian umbrella association for collaborative housing since its founding in 2009 and teaches housing and urban planning at the TU Vienna.

evening programm

In the evening we will present the 2nd edition of manual for emerging architects and discuss the role architects.

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Contact for Living

Anna Göttler (curator, designmanager)

supported by

The event is co-funded by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary, the Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, and the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant.

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