Wonderland - platform for european architecture

Since 2002 we share content, promote emerging architects and initiate relevant projects. The results are published or shared through lectures with the interested audience.
Now it's time to enable our members to publish their own content on the wonderweb - wonderland's digital platform. This new platform will help us all to publish, share, follow, update, comment and connect information about all our activities.
Formats developed by wonderland with annual projects are presented on this platform through their own channel (see the left menu):
Blind Date - an interdisciplinary rendezvous with a stranger.
Project Space - an urban work shop with an international call.
Movies in wonderland - a pop up festival in the public space with architecture relevant movies.



About ColectivoWarehouse

Colectivo Warehouse is an architecture and art collective, formed in 2013. Due to the current socio-economic and political global context, Warehouse develops participatory architecture projects, emphasizing the role of the architect as mediator. We generate initiatives to activate the urban space and promote social interventions among the most neglected communities. In the cultural field, the differentiating factor of the collective is the ability to design and build their own projects. The “Hands-on approach” is transversal to the collective practice, being a great part of its identity. The experimentation contaminates the practice trying to avoid ordinary solutions. The group evelops many collaborative projects because we believe that through co-creation and ultidisciplinarity, it is likely to achieve better results.