Wonderland - platform for european architecture

Since 2002 we share content, promote emerging architects and initiate relevant projects. The results are published or shared through lectures with the interested audience.
Now it's time to enable our members to publish their own content on the wonderweb - wonderland's digital platform. This new platform will help us all to publish, share, follow, update, comment and connect information about all our activities.
Formats developed by wonderland with annual projects are presented on this platform through their own channel (see the left menu):
Blind Date - an interdisciplinary rendezvous with a stranger.
Project Space - an urban work shop with an international call.
Movies in wonderland - a pop up festival in the public space with architecture relevant movies.



About Anne Isopp

I studied architecture at TU Graz and TU Delft. I graduated in 1999 in Graz. Afterwords Imoved to Hamburg and worked as an architect in different architecural studios in Hamburg. In September 2003, I moved to Vienna, where I started studying qualitity journalism at the Danube University Krems. Since 2005 I work as an independent architectural journalist for newspapers and magazines. Since 2009 I am editor in Chief of Zuschnitt (www.zuschnitt.at), a magazine about building with timber.